The Curse of the Corporation

Part XXIV – 1954 CE to Present

Captured French soldiers are led to a camp 435 miles (700 km) north of Dien Bien Phu May 7, 1954

1954 CE - Viet Nam - Cambodia - Laos - France is defeated by Vietnam at the battle of Dien Bien Phu and withdraws. Dien Bien Phu fell to the Viet Minh on May 7. At least 2,200 members of the French forces died during the siege – with thousands more taken prisoner. Of the 50,000 or so Vietnamese who besieged the garrison, there were about 23,000 casualties – including an estimated 8,000 killed. The fall of Dien Bien Phu shocked France and brought an end to French Indochina.

The Viet Minh and France sign a peace treaty dividing Vietnam into North and South. Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos gain independence from France.

1954 CE - Egypt - Algerian exiles in Egypt create the Front de Liberation Nationale (FLN) and start the civil war against France.

On 26 October, 1954 CE, the Muslim Brotherhood attempted to assassinate Gamal Abdel Nasser. The Muslim Brotherhood was dissolved on 29 October, following widespread public demonstrations which included the burning of its headquarters by an enraged mob.

1954 CE - United States - The Internal Revenue Code is issued. All churches in America were incorporated under the original charters from the British crown and most are currently operated as non-profit religious corporations under the Internal Revenue Code – 26 USC 501(c)(3). Religious freedom in America was not planned to be mandatory as it existed under the Church of England.

I. THE firft of the king's ordinary revenues, which I fhall take notice of, is of an ecclefiaftical king …

II. THE king is entitled to a corody, as the law calls it, out of every bifhoprice.

III. THE king alfo (as was formerly obferved) is entitled to all the tithes arifing in extraparochial places …

     Blackstone's Commentaries, Book I, Chapter 8, pp. 272-274, 1765.

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution merely states that there shall be no "established" religion. As the Federal government was a contract among the representatives of the several states, an agreement would have been required to have a standard religion. The First Amendment would even protect anyone who wishes to practice Satanism. However, it does not address in any manner the question of separation of Church and State. The King or Queen of England is in an hereditary position over the parliament and also as head of the Church of England. The Church is an inherent part of the State in England and is run as a business. It is also run as a business in the United States.

Felix Frankfurter

The United States Supreme Court's infamous decision in Brown vs. Board of Education case overturned its own previous ruling of 1896 CE, and laid the foundation for the still-ongoing phony negro "civil rights" movement. This nine-to-nothing decision was passed by eight Freemasons and one Zionist Jew (Felix Frankfurter), in flagrant disregard of all legal precedent. Crypto-Judaism (Freemasonry) swings into high gear, from this time forward. Judges who enforce Talmudic case law become increasingly despotic and autocratic.

1955 CE - Austria - The Soviet Union withdraws from Austria, which becomes a neutral country.

1955 CE - Israel - Palestinian fedayeen begin operating from across the border bringing terror into Israel.

1956 CE - Egypt - Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt nationalizes the Suez canal, thereby becoming the father of Arab nationalism and moving the Arab world into the Soviet sphere. Egypt declared war on France, Britain and Israel by doing so.

1956 CE - Morocco - France withdraws from Morocco, and King Mohammed assumes power. France later withdraws from Morocco and Tunisia.

1956 CE - Egypt - In retaliation for guerrilla attacks sponsored by Egypt, Israel declares war to Egypt (second war) and invades the Sinai and the Gaza strip, while France and Britain seize the Suez canal.

1956 CE - Sudan - Britain grants Sudan full independence.

Habib Bourguiba

Russian Tank used to crush the Hungarian rebellion

1956 CE - Tunisia - France withdraws from Tunisia, and Habib Bourguiba becomes its first president.

1956 CE - Hungary - On October 23, 1956 CE, rebellion broke out in Hungary. On November 2, Russian tanks surround Budapest. The number of deaths totaled 25,000, with 15,000 being deported and 150,000 escaping to the West. By December 8, all revolutionary workers councils were dissolved.

1957 CE - Europe - Italy, Germany, France and others found the European Community.

1957 CE - USSR - USSR launches the first satellite called Sputnik I.

1957 CE - Canada - About 37,000 Hungarian refugees arrive in Canada after the USSR quashes the Hungarian uprising for freedom.

1958 CE - United States - Nominated by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Potter C. Stewart becomes an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Stewart was a Freemason and a member of the Skull and Bones. He would serve in this capacity until 1981 CE.

Charles DeGaulle

1958 CE - France - De Gaulle returns to power in France. DeGaulle grants Algeria the right to vote on independence.


1958 - 1963 CE - Italy - John XXIII, alias Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, is elected pope. An anti-Communist, his outstanding achievement is the calling of the Second Vatican Council that he claimed as a sudden inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The objective, he said, is a new Pentecost, a means of regeneration for the church, bringing its teachings, discipline, and organization up to date, and opening a way towards the reunion of the separated brethren of east and west.

1959 CE - Spain - The ETA is founded by Basque separatists to conduct terrorism against Spain.

1959 CE - Italy - Pope John XXIII issued an encyclical pleading for truth, unity and peace promoted in the spirit of love.

Saddam Hussein in Cairo

1959 CE - Iraq - Saddam Hussein is selected by the Ba'ath Party to be part of seven-man hit squad to assassinate Iraqi leader Gen. Abdel Karim Kassem. The plot fails. Although Saddam later portrays himself as the leader of the team, in reality he has a small role. He is slightly wounded in the incident and escapes the next morning in a daring swim across the Tigris River. Saddam flees to Cairo and becomes caught up in Egypt's own revolution under the charismatic Gamel Abdel Nasser, whose pan-Arabism Saddam finds appealing. Saddam also becomes a leader of the Ba'ath Party's student cell in Cairo and reportedly regularly visits the U.S. embassy to meet with CIA agents interested in sparking Gen. Kassem's overthrow.

President Eisenhower
with the 49 star flag

1959 CE - United States - Executive Order 10798 of January 3, 1959 CE, established the 49 star flag for the admission of Alaska into the Union. On August 21, 1959 CE, Executive Order 10834 established the 50 star flag for the admission of Hawaii into the Union. Hawaii was admitted to the Union under Proclamation 3309 as published in the Federal Register, which makes Hawaii a member of the Union as proclaimed by commercial law. The executive orders establishing the current flag override the original Act of Congress of 1818 CE. Under the 1999 - 2000 Titles 4 and 36 of the United States Code, the oldest Act of Congress regarding the flag is June 22, 1942 CE, referenced within Proclamation 2605 of February 18, 1944 CE. There is no mention of other Acts of Congress or executive orders by the President regarding any modifications made to the flag.

The admission of Alaska and Hawaii into the Federal Union required no Executive Order for the creation of a new United States flag unless there was something radically altered about the "States." Executive Orders 10798 and 10834 are the sleight of hand which transposed the 48 star flag that represented the 48 States of the Union into the 49-star and 50-star flags which today represent the 50 federal areas – called "states of the United States," which show that the "States" are no longer the same "States" that were admitted to the Union after 1912 CE, but are considered as "federal property" within federal areas under the Buck Act of 1940 CE. Upon inspection of Executive Order 10834, it can be determined that the 50-star flag flies over all Federal commercial property in accordance with the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 CE.

Civil Flag

Military Flag

The civil flag of the United States [no gold fringe], by executive orders, is always held to be in an inferior and subordinate position to the military flag [with gold fringe] of the United States, and has been since the Civil War, when the United States began dealing in commercial paper, contracts and evidences of debt through contract.

American citizens consequently "subject" themselves to the authority of government by pledging allegiance, or loyalty, to the flag of the United States. This has been passed down from the kings of England, as succinctly stated in Blackstone's Commentaries –

With us in England, it becoming a fettled principle of tenure, that all lands in the kingdom are holden of the king as their fovereign and lord paramount, no oath but that of fealty could ever be taken to inferior lords, and the oath of allegiance was neceffarily confined to the perfon of the king alone.

     Blackstone's Commentaries, Book I, Chapter 10, p. 355, 1765.

The formal profeffion therefore, or oath of fubjection, is nothing more than a declaration in words of what was before implied in law. Which occafions fir Edward Coke very juftly to obferve l, that "all fubjects are equally bounden to their allegiance, as if they had taken the oath ; becaufe it is written by the finger of the law in their hearts, and the taking of the corporal oath is but an outward declaration of the fame." The fanction of an oath, it is true, in cafe of violation of duty, makes the guilt ftill more accumulated, by fuperadding perjury to treafon ; but it does not encreafe the civil obligation to loyalty ; it only ftrengthens the focial tie by uniting it with that of religion.

     Blackstone's Commentaries, Book I, Chapter 10, p. 357, 1765.

Any citizen has the right to change his "allegiance" for commercial purposes – the reason for the "pledge of allegiance" being instituted in all public schools. The pledge of allegiance to the Federal-area flag, which is a verbal or parol contract

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

– becomes the following simply by substituting standard definitions from Black's Law Dictionary, 6th Edition.

"I pawn and deposit the title to my personal property to a creditor as security for some debt or engagement which I am bound to forbear for my faithfulness and obedience purportedly to government as the inducement to a contract, to the national standard used during war by a Vatican-controlled corporation conducting business operations in America under bankruptcy rules, created through the exclusive authority of the Chief Executive Officer by military executive order; and I privately contract with the public welfare state for which I am bound by an in-form-only personal relationship, as a third party with the state, forming one jural society, placing myself in an inferior or subordinate position to a legally-undefined God, within a contract (constitution) which I am not a party to, such contract which is incapable of being separated, divided or apportioned, with freedom from all restraints except such as are those that conform with what is legal – i.e., proper in form only and not in substance – for all members of the same class."

A parol contract is defined to be a bargain or voluntary agreement made, either orally or in writing not under, seal, upon a good consideration, between two or more persons capable of contracting, to do a lawful act, or to omit to do something, the performance whereof is not enjoined by law.

      Bouvier's Law Dictionary, Contract, 1856.

The verbal contract of the pledge of allegiance being based on "good consideration" – the antithesis of "valuable consideration" – is therefore based upon nothing of value.

The pledge of allegiance is the modern-day version of the ancient oath of fealty, or homage, that was taken under feudal law by the vassals – the tenants renting the lands of the nobility – to protect their lord from all enemies. (A) (B) (C)

… the oath of fealty; which conferred a right of protection, and raifed the tenant to a kind of eftate fuperior to downright flavery, but inferior to every other condition.

     Blackstone's Commentaries, Book II, Chapter 6, p. 92, 1765.

… and, to crown the whole, the oath of fealty annexed, the very bond of feodal fubjection.

     Blackstone's Commentaries, Book II, Chapter 22, p. 367, 1765.

If a "citizen of the United States" is considered to be an alien enemy in the midst of a commercial war, then the use of the flag of the United States for any purpose of defense may likewise be questioned –

The use of the enemy's national standard, flag, or other emblem of nationality, for the purpose of deceiving the enemy in battle, is an act of perfidy by which they lose all claim to the protection of the laws of war.

      The Lieber Code, Article 65, 1863.

In wartime whether a ship has enemy or neutral character is usually determined by the flag which the ship is entitled to fly, though Anglo-American practice considers also the commercial domicile (A) of the owners in the case of a natural flag, and that fact may even cancel the effect of entitlement to fly the flag of the captor state or of a co-belligerent.

      The Oxford Companion to Law, Flag, p. 475, 1980.

In accordance with the law of the flag, each party displaying the flag of the United States is expressing a –

PREFERENCE to the lex loci contractus for the construction and effect of a contract or the determination of a liability

Dwight David Eisenhower

The United States is a corporation which is in Chapter 11 - Reorganization to the creditor Federal Reserve Bank because of its failure to deal in specie (gold). The United States is in receivership to the international banking cartel (IMF), which is handled by the representative of the secured party – the Secretary of the Treasury, who pays the bills from a fund. The fund is for the purpose of discharging the public debts, backed by the labor of the "citizens of the United States." The ultimate owners of the fund are the American people as the accomodating parties, with the "national debt" being owed to the true owners of the registered assets.

The corporation of the United States, as recognized by its many reorganization plans – No. 1 of 1947, No. 2 of 1950, No. 8 of 1950, No. 14 of 1950, and No. 2 of 1970, cannot bring actions against defendants. Therefore, all actions are pursued in the name of the President of the United States as these actions cannot be prosecuted by the United States itself in accordance with Rule 45 (see p. 54) of the rules of the United States Supreme Court. Also note the jurisdictional locality within Rule 47.

The enlistment oath of United States military personnel and United States Postal Service employees (being placed under the Department of Defense by E.O. 11519), would pit the military against the civilian population. Any act of war against the American people by the government is a breach of the fiduciary relationship between the people and the government. Actions of this nature are violations of the United Nations Charter and the the laws (A) (B) of the United States concerning genocide and apartheid.

Court appearances by Americans are within the purview of military jurisdiction as evidenced by the "National flag" trimmed with gold fringe within the courtrooms in each federal area known as a "state" of the Union. At the top of the standard is a gold eagle, representative of the Office of the President, and there are usually two tassels of gold braid on the standard. The description of this flag is found within Army Regulations 260-10 and 840-10. The flag of the United States is found at 4 USC 1 & 2 within the laws passed by Acts of Congress. Under 4 USC 10, the President has the option to modify the U.S. flag, which is also stated under the Army Regulations. The military flag flies in the courts due to the nature of the causes the courts entertain. As an admiralty court, which is quasi-military because it adjudicates hearings regarding prize captures, it also hears matters concerning maritime insurance. An equity court hears matter concerning trusts. As all Americans are assigned social insurance account numbers, they appear in military / admiralty / equity courts, run by the agents of the United Nations – the bar attorneys. Anyone appearing in court is before an admiralty court because the court is hearing an issue regarding insurance, and also before an equity court because the action concerns a trust. The State and Federal courts are merely courts of commerce, conducting business with individual members [the people as wards of the government] of the parent corporation – the United States.

Patrice Lumumba

Mobutu Sese Seko

1960 CE - Africa - Belgian Congo wins independence on June 30, 1960 CE and is renamed the Federal Republic of Congo. Joseph Kasavubu became the country's President, Patrice Lumumba the Prime Minister, and Joseph-Désiré Mobutu (Mobutu Sese Seko) the State Secretary. The Federal Republic of Congo is renamed the Democratic Republic of Congo. In January 1961 CE, Mr. Lumumba is assassinated, and in 1965 CE, after years of rebellion, Mobutu seizes power. His dictatorial rule would last thirty-two years. On October 27, 1971 CE, Congo changed its name to Zaïre. Zaire's cities and citizens take African names and the capital's name is changed from Leopoldville to Kinshasa.

1960 CE - France - France becomes a nuclear power

1961 CE - Kuwait - Kuwait becomes independent under the protection of Britain.

1961 CE - India - India annexes the Portuguese colonies (Goa).

The Berlin Wall

John F. Kennedy

1961 CE - Germany - The Soviet Union builds a wall to isolate West Berlin and discourage people from fleeing Eastern Germany.

1961 CE - United States - John F. Kennedy is elected as the 35th President of the United States. Kennedy, a Democrat, was the first Catholic President. Kennedy was known to have satanic ties to Anton LaVey, and was also a member of the Anti-American organization known as the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). His father, Joseph Kennedy, was a member of the Illuminati. His Vice-President was Texan Lydon B. Johnson, a Freemason, from 1961 CE until 1963 CE.

McGeorge Bundy, a member of the Illuminati, becomes the National Security Advisor. He is the Special Assistant for National Security Affairs to the President, a position he held until 1966 CE.

McGeorge Bundy

The Coso Artifact

While mineral hunting in the mountains of California near Olancha during the winter of 1961 CE, Wallace Lane, Virginia Maxey and Mike Mikesell found a rock, among many others, that they thought was a geode – a good addition for their gem shop. Upon cutting it open, however, Mikesell found an object inside that seemed to be made of white porcelain. In the center was a shaft of shiny metal. Experts estimated that, if this was a geode, it should have taken about 500,000 years for this fossil-encrusted nodule to form, yet the object inside was obviously of sophisticated human manufacture. Further investigation revealed that the porcelain was surround by a hexagonal casing, and an x-ray revealed a tiny spring at one end, like a spark plug. There's a bit of controversy around this artifact, as you can imagine. Some contend that the artifact was not inside a geode at all, but encased in hardened clay. The artifact itself has been identified by experts as a 1920s-era Champion spark plug. Unfortunately, the Coso Artifact has gone missing and cannot be thoroughly examined. Is there a natural explanation for it? Or was it found, as the discoverer claimed, inside a geode? If so, how could a 1920s sparkplug get inside a 500,000-year-old rock? [about]

1962 CE - Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia abolishes slavery.

Shah Reza Pahlavi on Iranian 50 Rial Note

1962 CE - Iran - The shah Reza Pahlavi of Iran introduces a series of reforms, including women's suffrage, called "white revolution."

1962 CE - Algeria - After the deaths of about 100,000 French and about 1,000,000 Algerians, Algeria is declared independent.

1962 CE - Italy - John XXIII opened the Second Vatican Council that included observers of eighteen non-Roman Churches and condemned any use of anathemas to restrict positive truth. He had to intervene decisively in November to rule that the conservative schema on revelation, that had been rejected by more than half but not the necessary two-thirds of the fathers should be redrafted by a mixed commission.

1963 CE - Syria - In a military coup the Ba'ath Party seizes power in Syria, outlaws all other parties and embarks in a Soviet-style program of nationalization.

1963 CE - Israel - Israeli prime minister Ben Gurion resigns.

Custom armor-plated Series 75 limousine by Hess & Eisenhardt owned by Gen. Kassem

1963 CE - Iraq - In February, Iraqi leader Gen. Abdel Karim Kassem is assassinated by members of the Ba'ath Party and the CIA helps the Ba'athists by providing lists of suspected communists for the party's hit squads, who kill an estimated 800 people. Saddam Hussein returns home and rejoins the party as an interrogator, torturer and killer. Nine months later, the army overthrows the Ba'ath Party and Saddam is jailed. He is said to have studied the political tactics of Hitler and Stalin while in prison.

Roger Morris, a former State Department foreign service officer who was on the NSC staff during the Johnson and Nixon administrations, says the CIA had a hand in two coups in Iraq during the darkest days of the Cold War, including a 1968 CE putsch that set Saddam Hussein firmly on the path to power. Morris says that in 1963 CE, two years after the ill-fated U.S. attempt at overthrow in Cuba known as the Bay of Pigs, the CIA helped organize a bloody coup in Iraq that deposed the Soviet-leaning government of Gen. Abdel-Karim Kassem. At the time, Morris continues, Saddam was a Ba'ath operative studying law in Cairo, one of the venues the CIA chose to plan the coup. In fact, he claims the former Iraqi president, castigated by President George W. Bush as one of history's most "brutal dictators," was actually on the CIA payroll in those days. "There's no question," Morris says. "It was there in Cairo that (Saddam) and others were first contacted by the agency."

1963 CE - Italy - Pope John XXIII drew a distinction between Marxist ideology and the aspirations of communist regimes and set out the recognition of human rights and duties as the foundation of world peace and for peaceful coexistence between West and the Communist East. This position made a lasting impression on the Russian people. Pope John XXIII removed words offensive to Jews from the Good Friday liturgy and considered himself a Jew. Speaking to a Jew he said "I am Joseph, your brother."

Paul VI

1963 - 1978 CE - Italy - Paul VI, alias Giovanni Battista Montini, is elected pope. Pope Paul VI was cool, if not critical, of Pope John XXIII's Vatican Council. He made it very clear that the pope has supreme authority in the church. Some believe Pope Paul VI implemented a modified Vatican Council decisions skilfully and with great courage, without causing a major schism. Others contend he abandoned the objectives of Pope John XXIII and the Holy Spirit.

1963 CE - United States - At the National Governor's Conference in Lexington, Kentucky, the United States (US Inc.) informs the governors, under the guise of "public necessity", that they must all form, or reform existing, private corporations under US Inc. (in their state's interest), so that the people will not discover what the state governments are doing with the people's money (dabbling in foreign notes, i.e. Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs), bonds, and evidences of debt, also known as "commercial paper"), activity is forbidden from State governments by their own State Constitutions, which information would likely cause a people's revolt ending in the State official's being at worst killed or replaced. The proposed incorporation deadline was 1968 CE.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

In the summer of 1963 CE, President Kennedy issued Executive Order 11110 which instructs the Secretary of the Treasury to issue silver certificates as a form of currency in place of Federal Reserve Notes. Written by John F. Kennedy, this order may have been part of a larger plan by Kennedy to reduce the influence of the Federal Reserve by giving the Treasury more power to issue currency. The order was signed June 4, 1963 CE. A few months later, of course, Kennedy was assassinated, and conspiracy theorists hypothesize a link between the murder and E.O. 11110.  The argument is that the Federal Reserve was somehow involved in the assassination to protect its power over monetary policy.

The executive order modifies a pre-existing order issued by Harry Truman in 1951. E.O. 10289 states "The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby designated and empowered to perform the following-described functions of the President without the approval, ratification, or other action of the President … "  The order then lists tasks (a) through (h) which the Treasurer can now do without bothering the President.  None of the powers assigned to the Treasury in E.O. 10289 relate to money or to monetary policy.  Kennedy's E.O. 11110 then instructs that –

SECTION 1. Executive Order No. 10289 of September 9, 1951, as amended, is hereby further amended (a) By adding at the end of paragraph 1 thereof the following subparagraph (j) –

(j) The authority vested in the President by paragraph (b) of section 43 of the Act of May 12, 1933, as amended (31 U.S.C. 821(b)), to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury not then held for redemption of any outstanding silver certificates, to prescribe the denominations of such silver certificates, and to coin standard silver dollars and subsidiary silver currency for their redemption,' and

(b) By revoking subparagraphs (b) and (c) of paragraph 2 thereof.

SECTION 2. The amendments made by this Order shall not affect any act done, or any right accruing or accrued or any suit or proceeding had or commenced in any civil or criminal cause prior to the date of this Order but all such liabilities shall continue any may be enforced as if said amendments had not been made.

John F. Kennedy,
June 4, 1963.

The United States Note
A 1963 Kennedy "Greenback"

John F. Kennedy was killed on November 22, during the last minutes of the sun's stay in Scorpio for that year. At that time of the year the sun becomes dimmer and it is the traditional time of the death of the "sun god," creatures like Osiris, JFK, etc. Lee Harvey Oswald would be the "patsy" who would become accused of the assassination of Kennedy, only to be killed later by Jack Ruby inside the Dallas Police Department. Remarkable evidence would surface later which indicates that there may have been two people named "Lee Harvey Oswald."

The assassination of Kennedy was ordered by the Jesuit General, [at that time, Jean-Baptist Janssens], executed by Pope Paul VI, and carried out by the "American Pope," Francis Cardinal Spellman – who, in turn, used the Knights of Malta, Shriner Freemasons, Knights of Columbus, and Mafia Dons, including the FBI and CIA, to carry out the order from Rome.

The reason why Kennedy was assassinated was he wanted to end the Vietnam War, and he wanted to end the rule of the CIA. That begets two questions – Did Rome want the Vietnam War? And, did Rome control the CIA? The answer is yes on both counts.

On its face, that the Vietnam War was called "Spelly's War" – Cardinal Spellman's war. He went over to the warfront many times and called the American soldiers the "soldiers of Christ". The Commander of the American forces at that time was a Roman Catholic, CFR member, possibly a Knight of Columbus – General William Westmoreland.

Westmoreland was Cardinal Spellman's agent to make sure that war was prosecuted properly. Another overseer of Westmoreland was Cardinal Spellman's protege, Lyndon Baines Johnson, who was a 330 Freemason. Johnson was also part of the assassination, with J. Edgar Hoover, another 330 Freemason.

Johnson went to Cardinal Spellman's funeral at St. Patrick's Cathedral, and the picture can be seen in Cooney's work The American Pope. Johnson was completely at the beck and call of Cardinal Spellman through Cartha DeLoach, the 3rd-in-control of the FBI. According to Curt Gentry, in his book Hoover: The Man And The Secrets, DeLoach had a phone at his bedside direct to Johnson, and Johnson could call him anytime. DeLoach was a Knight of Malta, subject to Spellman.

A Nov 17, 1963 CE FBI telex details J. Edgar Hoover's cynical request to maintain updates through "logical racial hate group informants to determine if any basis for threat … " Note the reference to a planned assassination plot by a militant segregationist group [the Klan], which had led to the cancellation of Kennedy's trip to Miami, Florida days earlier.

The illusion of consensus or fact is easily attained by a monopolized press. Only five CEOs now control everything you hear and see, and in 1963 CE, it was three. In the 1960s, the Ku Klux Klan had led uprisings and riots which prompted federal troops to enter the south. Despite unchecked terrorism and political killings throughout the south, and Klan death threats which led to Kennedy's cancellation of a Miami visit on Nov. 9, 1963 CE; despite threats which outlined, in precise detail, the Dallas plot of Nov. 22 1963 CE … the Klan escaped scrutiny.

Why Americans are in the Dark …

Only five CEOs control what you see and hear. Mapped layout of the US media. Who owns what explains why tv and radio never deserved the public trust.

The second reason Kennedy was killed was because he wanted to end the reign of the CIA, because the CIA had betrayed him in the person of McGeorge Bundy, by not giving the cover to the Cuban patriots to retake Cuba from the Roman Catholic, Jesuit-trained Fidel Castro.

Kennedy was betrayed by the CIA at the Bay of Pigs invasion, which sacrificed all the patriots on the shores of Cuba, so Castro had no real opposition. This was the same tactic, used by the CIA and the KGB at the top, working together with Angleton controlling it, in the Hungarian Revolution, when the CIA fomented that revolution, and then betrayed all of those patriots into the hands of the Soviet army and KGB, which infuriated certain top CIA officials.

Cartha DeLoach-his surname was Deke. He was the 3rd-in-command of the FBI at the time of the Kennedy assassination. Hoover supposedly ran the FBI, while Hoover's queer buddy, Tolson, was second in command. Hoover and Tolson were just figureheads. The real head of the FBI was Cartha DeLoach, the Knight of Malta, Roman Catholic, and subject to Cardinal Spellman. Cartha DeLoach fabricated and covered up evidence in the Kennedy assassination, which was proven by Jim Garrison. Cartha DeLoach retired from the FBI, and went on to work for a huge industry corporation called PepsiCo, which the Knights of Malta control, and which have ranches in Communist China, which they set up. Cartha DeLoach wrote a book called Hoover's FBI. In that book he tells about the Secret Service, the FBI, and the Jesuits.

President Kennedy is also responsible for the following Executive orders –

#10997 – Authorizes seizure of all electric power companies, fuels, fuel sources, and minerals (public and private)
#10998 –  Authorizes seizure of all food supplies, food resources, all farms and all farm equipment (public and private).
#10999 – Authorizes seizure of all means of transportation- including personal cars, trucks, or any type of vehicle; Total control over all highways, roads, seaports, and seaways.
#11000 –  Authorizes forced conscription of all Americans for work duties under supervision of Federal agents. This section also authorizes the splitting up of family units if deemed necessary by the government agencies in charge.
#11001 – Authorizes seizure of all health, education, and welfare facilities and their administrations (public and private).
#11002 – Empowers the Post Master General to register all men, women, and children in the United States for government purposes.
#11003 – Authorizes seizure of all airports and all aircraft, public, commercial, and private.
#11004 – Authorizes seizure of all housing and finance authorities and permits government agents to establish forced relocation sites. The government can declare any area of its choosing as "unsafe" and force the entire area to be abandoned of all persons. Authorizes establishment of new "relocation" communities; building new housing with public funds.
#11005 – Authorizes seizure of all railroads, inland waterways, and storage facilities, both public and private.

Lyndon Johnson sworn in as President on Air Force One on November 22, 1963

Lyndon Baines Johnson assumed the Presidency upon Kennedy's assassination in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963 CE. Johnson was a Freemason. Orville Freeman, a member of the Illuminati, was appointed as a cabinet member for Kennedy's and then Johnson's administration. (1) Again, there is a non-Masonic president or a president who loses favor, dies or is forced out of office, being replaced by one with Masonic power.

"President Kennedy was wounded in the exact three same spots as Hiram Abif, who was murdered in the Masonic initiation, representing the persecution of the Templars on Friday, the 13th, in the year 1307 CE, where Hiram Abif is struck in the back, and in the throat, and in the head. Dealey Plaza is just a very few short miles from the 33rd parallel. The highest degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the Meritorious Degree, the Degree of the Illuminati, whose motto is "Ordo Ab Chao" or "Out of Chaos Comes Order" – which literally means if they break down the existing structure and cause the population to cry out for order, they will emerge as the rulers and will have the world that they seek." (2)

Reverend Theodore M. Hesburgh

The Civil Rights Movement was ALL a Jesuit agitation, because the end result was more consolidation of power in Washington with the 1964 Civil Rights Act that was written by Reverend Theodore Hesburgh, the longtime President of the University of Notre Dame.

Arlen Specter, the hero of the Washington Post, promulgated the findings of the most discredited and corrupt murder investigation in American history - The Warren Commission, which even Nixon dismissed as "the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind". It was created by the number one suspect in President Kennedy's assassination, vice president Lyndon Johnson, who would not be on the ticket in 1964 CE, who was about to be prosecuted for the murder of Texas agricultural agent Henry Marshall in 1961 CE. Among those who now concede Johnson was the lynchpin of this segregationist Masonic coup of 1963 CE is Barr McClellan, his personal lawyer. [IP]

1964 CE - Egypt - The Palestine Liberation Organization is created in Cairo with the mission to destroy the state of Israel and liberate Palestine.

1965 CE - Italy - Pedro Arrupe is elected Jesuit Superior General, succeeding Jean-Baptiste Janssens.

Lyndon Baines Johnson

1965 CE - United States - Lyndon B. Johnson is elected 36th President of the United States. Johnson was a Freemason (3) and was also a member of the Anti-American organization known as the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). Johson's Vice-President during his second term was Hubert H. Humphrey from 1965 CE until 1969 CE, who also was a Freemason.

Hubert H. Humphrey

McGeorge Bundy, was a member of the following organizations – MJ-12, Skull & Bones (initiated in 1940 CE), C.F.R., President Ford Foundation, Bilderbergers, Special Assistant to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson on National Security Affairs as a National Security Advisor, and also a member of the Illuminati.

Barry M. Goldwater, senator from Arizona 1963 - 1964 CE, was the losing opponent for Presidency as a Republican. Goldwater, a Freemason, stated in his book "With No Apologies" about another Globalist group –

"The Trilateral Commission is international … (and) … is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United states. The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power – POLITICAL, MONETARY, INTELLECTUAL, and ECCLESIASTICAL."

Vietnam War Service Medals

Vietnam Service Medal

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal

The armed forces' Vietnam Service Medal (at left in photo above) was established by Executive Order 11231 from President Johnson's desk on 8 July 1965 CE.

1966 CE - United States - The United States was engaged in numerous U.N. conflicts, including the Korean and the Viet Nam conflicts, which actions were under the direction of the United Nations (4), had agreed to foot the bill (5), and, not being able to eventually honor their obligations and rehypothecated debt credit, openly and publicly dishonored and disavowed their "Notes" and "obligations" (6) i.e. "Federal Reserve Notes" through Public Law 90-262, Section 2, 82 Stat. 50 (1968 CE) to wit –

"Sec. 2. The first sentence of section 15 of the Federal Reserve Act (12 U.S.C. 391) is amended by striking 'and the funds provided in this Act for the redemption of Federal Reserve notes'."

Congress being severely compromised, passed the "Federal Tax Lien Act of 1966," [80 Stat. 1133] by which the entire taxing and monetary system i.e. "Essential Engine" [See the Federalist Papers No. 31] was placed under the Uniform Commercial Code. (7) The Uniform Commercial Code was, of course, promulgated by the National Conferences Of Commissioners On Uniform State Laws in collusion with the American Law Institute for the "banking and business interests." (8)

Mao Tse Tung

Rudi Dutschke

1966 CE - China - The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, 1966 - 1976 CE, by Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung), 1893 - 1976 CE, starts in China an is sustained by the Red Guards.

1967 CE - Germany - Rudi Dutschke leads student riots in West Berlin.

In the Cologne region of Germany, identity papers given to survivors of the Nazi concentration camps are withdrawn from Sinti and Gypsy (Roma) on the grounds that they could provide no written proof of their German nationality.

1967 CE - United States - Thurgood Marshall, a Freemason, is nominated by Johnson as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Marshall is listed in 10,000 Famous Freemasons as having been a director and counselor or the Prince Hall Grand Master Conference, and a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason. Marshall was on the bench of the court for twenty-four years.

Ronald Reagan, Newsweek Cover of 1966

Thurgood Marshall

During his California governorship, 1967 CE until 1975 CE, Ronald Reagan actively dismantled the public psychiatric hospital system, proposing that a community-based housing and treatment system replace it. According to some Reagan critics, the first objective was effectively accomplished, but the community replacement facilities were never adequately funded, neither by Reagan nor his successors, contributing nationwide to current problems with homeless people, and an overfilling of jails and penitentiaries by people who would be better served with the earlier hospital system. Many of these ill people still are on the street. Also, a statewide teachers strike started in Los Angeles due to Reagan's cost cutting and poor budgeting at the same time.

On June 8, 1967 CE, the fourth day of the Six-Day War, the Israeli high command received reports that Israeli troops in El Arish were being fired upon from the sea, presumably by an Egyptian vessel, as they had a day before. The United States had announced that it had no naval forces within hundreds of miles of the battle front on the floor of the United Nations a few days earlier; however, the USS Liberty, an American intelligence ship assigned to monitor the fighting, arrived in the area, 14 miles off the Sinai coast, as a result of a series of United States communication failures, whereby messages directing the ship not to approach within 100 miles were not received by the Liberty.

Rescue efforts for the U.S.S. Liberty, June 9, 1967

The American intelligence ship USS Liberty was attacked for 75 minutes in international waters by Israeli aircraft and motor torpedo boats. Thirty-four men died and 172 were wounded.

The attack, which was a war crime, has been a matter of controversy ever since. Survivors and many key government officials including Secretary of State Dean Rusk, former JCS Chairman Admiral Thomas Moorer, and nearly every senior American intelligence professional say it was no accident. Israel and its supporters insist it was a "tragic case of misidentification" and charge that the survivors are either lying or too emotionally involved to see the truth.

"Never before in the history of the United States Navy has a Navy Board of Inquiry ignored the testimony of American military eyewitnesses and taken, on faith, the word of their attackers."

      Captain Richard F. Kiepfer, Medical Corps, US Navy (retired), USS Liberty Survivor

"The evidence was clear. Both Admiral Kidd and I believed with certainty that this attack … was a deliberate effort to sink an American ship and murder its entire crew … It was our shared belief … that the attack … could not possibly have been an accident … I am certain that the Israeli pilots [and] their superiors … were well aware that the ship was American."

      Captain Ward Boston, JAGC, US Navy (retired), senior legal counsel to the US Navy Court of Inquiry

The 25th Amendment is ratified, changing the Vice-presidency into a Board of Directors of corporate America, which may dismiss the President at will. The Presidency is now effectively a Chancellorship in executive equity.



1967 CE - Nigeria - The Biafran War, 1967 - 1970 CE, begins and the Nigerian Government imposed a blockade around Biafria, effectively cutting off food supplies. About 100,000 military died in this civil war.

Biafra was located on the eastern bay of the Gulf of Guinea, W Africa. It extends approximately from the Niger River delta, in S. Nigeria, through Cameroon and Equitorial Guinea to N. Gabon. The fight gave its name to the secessionist Republic of Biafra in E. Nigeria, from 1967 CE until 1970 CE.

1967 CE - Israel - Israel wins a third war against the Arabs, and occupies the lands of the Palestinians (Gaza Strip and West Bank).

1968 CE - Arabia - The British withdraw from the Gulf and the United Arab Emirates are created.

1968 CE - Czechoslovakia - The USSR invades Czechoslovakia. When the Soviet Union and four other Communist countries invaded Czechoslovakia, rather than defending themselves militarily, the Czechoslovakian people responded with nonviolent resistance.

1968 CE - Iraq - Again, the Ba'ath Party seizes power in Iraq, this time under Ahmad Hassan Al Bakr, Saddam Hussein's cousin. Bakr entrusts his 31-year-old relative with the most important job of all – running the state security apparatus to extinguish dissent both inside and outside the party. Within a year and a half, Saddam emerges as Bakr's right hand man.

As Hussein's power and influence grows in the 1970s, it is clear that he has designs on the presidency himself. But he also knows that Bakr has powerful support from the army. Saddam begins to plot against the military establishment and to systematically remove Bakr's closest colleagues.

1968 CE - France - Student riots in France escalate into a national uprising, soon followed by similar protests in Germany and Italy.

1968 CE - Italy - Pope Paul VI issued Humanae Vitæ and the Roman Church lost credibility as it totally ignored the input to the Vatican Council. It condemned artificial methods of birth control despite the council favoring contraception in certain circumstances. The Anglican Bishops rejected his encyclical as did over ninety percentage of Roman Catholics. Pope Paul VI is profoundly shaken by the critical international reaction fully aware that the infallibility dogma of the church makes his personal decision unretractable. A dark shadow deepened over the Vatican, and it is reported that Pope Paul VI withdrew into himself. Many believed the Holy Spirit had given the Roman Church one last chance to repent, to make restitution and to reconcile. The clergy began to demand the marriage of clergy, ordination of women, and the rationalization of dogma.

In January, the Vatican finally closed the Office of the Inquisition thereby officially ending the Demonic Catholic Inquisition. Some suggest 323,362 were martyrs of their faith, mostly Jews, Spaniards and Portuguese.

Hubert Humphrey

George Wallace

1968 CE - United States - Hubert H. Humphrey and George Wallace, both losing candidates for the Presidency, on the Democratic and American Independent tickets respectively, are both Freemasons.

Withdrawal of first gold redeemability for U.S. currency by Public Law 90-269, which locks all U.S. citizens into status of permanent feudalistic debtors/creditors on the "natural law" of summary judgment through use of negotiable instruments in the form of irredeemable perpetual annuity bonds (Federal Reserve Notes), checks, and credit cards. This is the universal credit-and-insurance franchise upon which the enforcement of the code of the IRS is based, including the Social Security grounds.

1969 CE - Libya - Colonel Muhammar Qaddafi becomes dictator of Libya after a successful coup.

1969 CE - Egypt - Yassir Arafat becomes leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

1969 CE - Germany - Willy Brandt forms a social-democratic government in West Germany and inaugurates "ostpolitik" (opening to the East).

1969 CE - France - Following student demonstrations, DeGaulle resigns and Georges Pompidou is elected president of France.

Richard Milhous Nixon

Anwar Sadat

1969 CE - United States - Richard M. Nixon becomes 37th President of the United states as a Republican. His status as a Freemason is unknown. Nixon, however, was a member of the Anti-American organization known as the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), and also a member of the all-male ultra-exclusive Bohemian Club to which every Republican President since Herbert Hoover has belonged. Nixon's Vice-President was Spiro T. Agnew from 1969 CE until Agnew resigned from office in disgrace in early 1973 CE. Nixon's next Vice-President was Freemason Gerald R. Ford from 1973 CE until 1974 CE. Again we have a non-masonic President and a non-Masonic Vice President replaced with a Masonic Vice-President before a non-Mason President dies or is forced out of office to be replaced by Masonic power.

1970 CE - Egypt - Egyptian president Nasser is assassinated and is succeeded by his deputy Anwar Sadat.

1970 CE - Syria - Hafez Assad, Christian leader of the military wing of the Ba'ath Party, overthrows the president of Syria.

1970 CE - Jordan - King Hussein of Jordan orders a massive expulsion of Palestinians ("Black September").

1970 CE - United States - By this date, each State of the Union revised its constitution and statutes and formed private corporations as sub-entities of the Federal Government with the names "STATE OF ____________", vacating the original de jure State government jurisdictions in favor of a de facto "State" (with the same name), but under foreign-state ownership and control of the U.S. Inc. (A)

The title "State of ________" can mean many things –

The State proceeding from ________
The State originating from ________
The State associated with ________
The State connected with ________
The State after ________
The State by ________
The State residing at ________
The State from ________
The State in ________

The court system in each State of the Union became a "corporation court," similar in qualities to the corporation courts of ancient England.

Things steadily grew worse and on March 28, 1970 CE; President Nixon issued Proclamation No. 3972, declaring an "emergency" because the Postal Employees struck against the de facto government for higher pay, due to inflation of the paper "Bills of Credit." (9) Nixon placed the U.S. Postal Department under control of the Department of Defense by Executive Order 11519. (10)

Harry A. Blackmun

Harry A. Blackmun was nominated by the President to the United States Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit, succeeding John B. Sanborn, on August 18, 1959 CE; confirmed by the United States Senate on September 14, 1959 CE; and took oath of office on November 4, 1959 CE. He was nominated by the President as Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court on April 14, 1970 CE; confirmed by the United States Senate on May 12, 1970 CE; and took oath of office on June 9, 1970 CE. Blackmun would later go on to write the decision in the 1973 CE case of Roe v. Wade.

1972 CE - Iraq - Lord Curzon, the British Foreign Secretary, denied that oil interests influenced policy in Iraq, but the archives show that the British government rushed troops to Mosul in 1918 CE to gain control of the northern oil fields. Britain and France clashed over Iraq's oil during the Versailles Conference and after, but Britain eventually took the lion's share by turning its military victories into colonial rule. The powerful Iraq Petroleum Company, in which US and French firms held minority positions, acted always in the cartel interests of the Anglo-American companies. To the fury of the Iraqis and the French, it held down production to maximize profits elswhere. The company kept a monopoly of Iraq's oil sector until nationalization in June 1972 CE.

1972 CE - Czechoslovakia - During the communist era, a significant number of Roma (Gypsy) women were sterilized. In 1972 CE, the sterilization option for women with a high number of children was adopted by the Direction of the Ministry of Health, which was later even financially encouraged. This measure was intended to reduce the high percentage of the 'unhealthy population.' In realty it was directed towards reducing the fertility of the Roma women.

1972 - 1991 CE - Turkey - Demetrius I becomes Patriarch of Constantinople.

George McGovern

1972 CE - United States - George S. McGovern, a Freemason, becomes losing candidate for the Presidency as a Democrat. Richard Nixon retains office.

1973 CE - United States - Senator Samuel J. Ervin, Jr., a Democrat from North Carolina, headed the Watergate Committee that forced Nixon to resign. Ervin was a Freemason.

Roe v. Wade is decided by the United States Supreme Court. The "dirty little secret" of this decision is that it appears that the Supreme Court did a sidestep around the "equal protection clause" of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution by deliberately manipulating the docket so as to comply to the politically correct definition of "freedom of choice".

A Supreme Court case consists of two phases, the argument and the decision. The case is first argued before the Court and the decision is usually rendered four to six weeks later. The general rule for Supreme Court cases in 1972 - 1973 CE found the arguments and decisions falling in chronological order. The exception to the rule came in the cases of Roe v. Wade and Gomez vs. Perez. Roe v. Wade was argued before the Court on Oct. 10, 1972 CE and decided on Jan. 22, 1973 CE. Gomez vs. Perez was argued before the Court on Dec. 6, 1972 CE and decided on Jan. 17, 1973 CE. While there does exist the occasional case that does not follow the rule of chronology, the close relativity between the two cases, and the unusual length of time between the argument and decision of Roe v. Wade, stretches the explanation of coincidence a bit thin. Were the Supreme Court to have followed the general rule of chronology, a problem would have existed for the court to have reached the same decision for Gomez vs. Perez. How could the Supreme Court have rendered a decision that would deem a woman's pregnancy to be autonomous and affirm the concept of "freedom of choice" through the "right of privacy", and a week later render a decision that would deny the same "freedom of choice" to unmarried men? Obviously the answer was to delay the decision of Roe v. Wade until after Gomez vs. Perez.

Nowhere in the arena of political debate does the specter of hypocrisy rear it's ugly head more than with the issue of "freedom of choice." A man cannot require the woman, with whom he is married, to bear his child to term, but a woman can require a man, with whom no relationship exists other than a casual sexual encounter, to support a child that she unilaterally chooses to have.

With this decision, the U.S. Supreme Court, under color of Law Merchant, allowed women the "human right" of treating their bodies as wares and commodities. So the unborn are not considered to be "human" or have "human rights" before four months old. Roe v. Wade effectively legislated the materialistic rationale establishment. It legalized the basis for mass-murders under color of "natural law," further separating the millions of the "Reprobate" from the handful of self-appointed "Saints" who become the "fittest" by nicely surviving their own wars and political assaults.

1973 National Archives Fire

The 1973 National Archives Fire, a severe blow to the National Archives and Records Administration of the United States, was a disastrous fire that occurred at the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St. Louis, Missouri, on July 12, 1973 CE. NPRC, the custodian of military service records, lost approximately 16-18 million Official Military Personnel Files as a result of the fire.

It is hard to determine exactly what was lost in the fire, because there were no indices to the blocks of records involved. The records were merely filed in alphabetical order for the following groups –

World War I – Army November 1, 1912 to September 7, 1939
World War II – Army September 8, 1939 to December 31, 1946
Post World War II – Army January 1, 1947 to December 31, 1959
Air Force September 25, 1947 to December 31, 1963

Millions of records, especially medical records, had been withdrawn from all three groups and loaned to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) prior to the fire. The fact that one's records are not in NPRC files at a particular time does not mean the records were destroyed in the fire.

1974 CE - France - Pompidou dies and Giscard d'Estaing wins the elections against socialist Francois Mitterrand.

French premier Chirac sells nuclear technology to both Iran and Iraq.

1974 CE - United States - A young Hillary Rodham, who has been confirmed as being involved in Shamanism witchcraft, (11) helped in the legal groundwork that forced Nixon to resign. William Jefferson Clinton has been groomed all along for the Presidency.

"Yes, the president should resign. He has lied to the American people, time and time again, and betrayed their trust. He is no longer an effective leader. Since he has admitted guilt, there is no reason to put the American people through an impeachment. He will serve absolutely no purpose in finishing out his term; the only possible solution is for the president to save some dignity and resign."

      William Jefferson Clinton commenting on Richard Nixon, 1974.

Gerald R. Ford is sworn in as the 38th President of the United States by Chief Justice Warren Burger as Mrs. Ford looks on, August 9, 1974.

Leslie Lynch King, Jr., a Freemason, a.k.a. Gerald R. Ford, becomes 38th President of the United States as a Republican. (12) Ford was a secret Communist and member of the Michigan Mafia. He was also a member of the Anti-American organization known as the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). Ford's Vice-President was Nelson A. Rockefeller from 1974 CE until 1977 CE, who was a member of the Illuminati. Ford was also a member of the all-male ultra-exclusive Bohemian Club to which every Republican President since Herbert Hoover has belonged.

As a Freemason, Ford was Initiated on September 30, 1949 CE at Malta Lodge No. 465 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, along with his half-brothers Thomas Gardner Ford (1918 - 1995 CE), Richard Addison Ford (1924 CE - ?? CE) and James Francis Ford (1927 CE - ?? CE). The Fellowcraft and Master Mason Degrees were Conferred by Columbia Lodge No. 3, Washington, D.C., on April 20 and May 18, 1951 CE, as a courtesy to Malta Lodge. Brother Ford was made a Sovereign Grand Inspector General, 33°, and Honorary Member, Supreme Council A.A.S.R. Northern Jurisdiction at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, on September 26, 1962 CE, for which he served as Exemplar (Representative) for his Class. Brother and President Ford was unanimously elected an Active Member of the International Supreme Council, Order of DeMolay and its Honorary Grand Master, at its Annual Session held at Orlando, Florida, April 6-9, 1975 CE; Brother Ford held this post until January 1977 CE, at which time he became a Past Honorary Grand Master, receiving his Collar and Jewel on October 24, 1978 CE in Topeka, Kansas, from the Hon. Thomas C. Raum, Jr., Grand Master, Order of DeMolay.

1975 CE - Africa - Portugal grants independence to its African colonies (Mozambique, Angola, etc).

1975 CE - Iraq - Iraqi troops massacre thousands of Kurdish civilians and rebels after collecting them in "dar al-fana" ("houses of annihilation").

1975 CE - Africa - Spain withdraws from Western Sahara, Morocco invades Western Sahara and the Polisario proclaims the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and begins an independence war against Morocco.

Andreas Baader

Ulrike Meinhof

1975 CE - Germany - The Baader-Meinhof gang terrorizes Germany.

1975 CE - Surinam - Surinam declares its independence from Holland.

1975 CE - Spain - Spanish dictator Franco dies and king Juan Carlos appoints Adolfo Suarez as prime minister of Spain.

1975 CE - Cambodia - Khmer Rouge seized the Cambodian capital.

1975 CE - United States - In the storm of response following Vietnamese conflict, Congress reasserted legislative power to curtail what it viewed as excessive executive power, repealing the Trading with the Enemy Act and enacting in its place the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA), [91 Stat. 1626, 50 U.S.C. Sec. 1701-1706] which did not alter most of the range of powers delegated to the President but which did change the scope of the power delegated to declare national emergencies.

Congress also passed the National Emergencies Act, prescribing procedures for the declaration of national emergencies, for their termination, and for presidential reporting to Congress in connection with national emergencies. To end the practice of declaring national emergencies for an indefinite duration, Congress provided that any emergency not otherwise terminated would expire one year after its declaration unless the President published in the Federal Register and transmitted to Congress a notice that the emergency would continue in effect.

1976 CE - Europe - United States - The G6 is created to bring the leaders of the biggest national economies together (USA, Canada, Britain, Germany, Japan, France)

1976 CE - United States - Whether the balance of power between President and Congress shifted at all is not really a debatable question. [Sec. 301(1), 55 Stat. 838, 839-840 (1941); 91 Stat. 1626, 50 U.S.C. Sec. 1701-1706.] Congress authorized the declaration of a national emergency based only on "any unusual and extraordinary threat, which has its source in whole or substantial part outside the United States, to the national security, foreign policy, or the economy of the United States … " [50 U.S.C. Sec. 1701; P. L. 94-412, 90 Stat. 1255 (1976).]

A magazine called "The National Tattler", before they ceased publication, had a hard-hitting story, showing how Nazi war criminals after World War II run an international secret police group called Interpol, which specializes in hunting for people with Jewish surnames, often fingering them for minor offenses. In the 1970s, in Chicago, Cook County Under-sheriff, Ross V. Randolph, was Interpol's key man in the Windy City. For many years, holding a top Post-War position also with Nazi-war-criminal-run Interpol, was FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

James A. Baker III

James A. Baker, III has served in senior government positions under three United States Presidents. He served as the nation's 61st Secretary of State from January 1989 CE through August 1992 CE under President George Bush. During his tenure at the State Department, Mr. Baker traveled to ninety foreign countries as the United States confronted the unprecedented challenges and opportunities of the post Cold War era. In 1995 CE, Mr. Baker published The Politics of Diplomacy, his reflections on those years of revolution, war and peace. Mr. Baker served as the 67th Secretary of the Treasury from 1985 CE to 1988 CE under President Ronald Reagan. As Treasury Secretary, he was also Chairman of the President's Economic Policy Council. From 1981 CE to 1985 CE, he served as White House Chief of Staff to President Reagan. Mr. Baker's record of public service began in 1975 CE as Under Secretary of Commerce to President Gerald Ford. It concluded with his service as White House Chief of Staff and Senior Counselor to President Bush from August 1992 CE to January 1993 CE. Baker & Botts, the Houston family law firm, is the power base of Secretary of State James A. Baker III. This law firm was formed after the Civil War by die-hard Confederate and Masonic officials in Albert Pike's Scottish Rite and military clique. With their British imperial racial notions, Baker & Botts and Scottish Rite freemasonry have dominated the Texas power structure ever since. Secretary Baker's grandfather, Captain James A. Baker, brought English race scientist Julian Huxley in to supervise the "race purification'' study program for Texas, at Rice University. Secretary Baker's family wealth and power came from their representing Harriman, the international oil companies and George Bush's Zapata Petroleum, all sponsors of the population control, or ban-dark-babies movement. This movement is synonymous with the Scottish Rite. Bill Clinton is governor of Arkansas, a state infested by the tradition of Albert Pike, who was the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan in Arkansas.

John Paul I

1978 - 1978 CE - Italy - John Paul I, a defender of Humanae Vitæ, is elected pope in Vatican City. He dies within thirty three days of taking office, apparently murdered by poisoning. (A) (B) Rumors of foul play, fanned by the lack of an autopsy, continue to circulate.

The "Smiling Pope," as he was affectionately called was born Albino Luciani on October 17, 1912 CE near Belluno, Italy. He was ordained in 1935, made Bishop in 1958 and became patriarch of Venice in 1969. He received his cardinal's hat in 1973. He was a staunch believer in ecumenism and the reduction of Church wealth. He was warm, humble and had no aspirations for the papacy. After Pope Paul VI died, Luciani was elected on the second day of the Conclave in 1978 CE. He refused to wear the papal tiara or to be carried in the gestatorial chair. He was praised as a liberal reformer who read Mark Twain. He was on a mission to reverse the Church's position on contraception, cleaning up the Vatican bank and dismissing many Masonic cardinals.

The P-2 Lodge, as it was called, was founded in 1877 CE to provide for provincial Freemasons - known as Propaganda Due (P-2). It became a secret lodge in 1970 CE to recruit men of right-wing persuasion to prevent a Communist takeover. It was involved in a financial scandal and its offices were raided and membership lists were found. Many heads of the Italian State services, government officials, police chiefs, businessmen, journalists etc. were listed. This organization was disbanded but still operated secretly. In fact, they are still operating within Vatican circles to this very day.

The Vatican Bank Scandal

The Vatican Bank (aka The Institute for Works of Religion - IOR), was personally owned and operated by the Pope and made loans to religious projects all over the world. It was discovered that the bank exploited its high status and engaged in risky speculation and illegal schemes, including money laundering. Money was invested with Robert Calvi, head of the bank in Milan. He was eventually convicted for currency fraud in 1981 CE - (over $1.3 billion dollars was missing from bank funds). Calvi fled to England where he was found dead, hanging from a bridge in London.

Another participant in the scandal was Michele Sindona, an advisor to Pope Paul VI. Sindona was poisoned in 1986 CE in his prison cell. This sordid financial fraud also was linked with the Masons, the Mafia, arms dealers, political kickbacks and monies funneled through the CIA to support Solidarity in Poland.

Summary of Events

Early September 1978 CE – Pope John Paul I asks Cardinal Jean Villot, the Secretary of State for the Vatican, to investigate the Vatican Bank operations. He also is considering the reversal of the Church's stand on artificial birth control.

Later that month he presents Cardinal Villot with a list of those to be transferred, reassigned or asked to request for resignation. These lists are persons suspected of being Freemasons (that group called P-2). Cardinal Villot happened to be Grand Master, and his name was at the head of the list. This shift of power would have had a major impact on the existing Vatican hierarchy and would also have affected its financial practices.

September 29, 1978 CE – John Paul I is found dead in his bed. Cardinal Villot issues false statements, removes key evidence from John Paul's room and orders the body embalmed before an autopsy can be performed.

Further Events after his Death

October 1978 CE – John Paul II replaces the dead Pope. None of Luciani's instructions or edicts are carried out.

January 21, 1979 CE – The murder of Judge Emillio Alessandrini, a magistrate investigating the Banco Ambrosiano activities. Calvi and Sindona have close ties to the Vatican.

John Paul I

March 20, 1979 CE – The murder of Nino Pecorelli, an investigative journalist, who was exposing the membership and dealings of the Freemason's P-2 group.

July 11, 1979 CE – The murder of Giorgio Ambrosioli following his testimony concerning Sindona and Calvi in Vatican business circles.

July 13, 1978 CE – The murder of Lt. Col. Antonio Varisco, head of Rome's security service who was also investigating the activities of the P-2 group and was speaking with Giorgio Ambrosioli two days before Ambrosioli's death.

July 21, 1979 CE – THe murder of Boris Guilano, the Palermo police deputy who spoke to Ambrosioli also two days before his death. This concerned Sindona's money laundering of Mafia money channeled through the Vatican Bank to Switzerland bank accounts.

October 1979 CE – A bomb explodes in the apartment of Enrico Cuccia of Mediobanca, a witness of G. Ambrosioli.

February 2, 1980 CE – The Vatican withdraws an agreement to provide videotaped depositions of M. Sindona in his trial in the U.S. on charges of fraud, conspiracy and misappropriation of funds in connection with the collapse of the Franklin National Bank.

May 13, 1980 CE – An attempted suicide of Sindona occurs in jail.

June 13, 1980 CE – Sindona is sentenced to 25 years in prison.

July 8, 1980 CE – An attempted suicide by Roberto Calvi, who was also jailed for fraud.

September 1, 1981 CE – The Vatican Bank acknowledges its controlling interests in a number of banks controlled by Calvi for more than one billion dollars of debt.

January 2, 1981 CE – A group of shareholders in Banco Ambrosiano send a letter to John Paul II exposing connections between the Vatican Bank and Roberto Calvi, P-2 and the Mafia. The letter is never acknowledged.

April 27, 1982 CE – The attempted murder of Roberto Rosone, General Manager of Banco Ambrosiano, as he was trying to clean up the bank's operations.

June 17, 1982 CE – Roberto Calvi is found hanged to death from a bridge in London. Days later, $1.3 billion dollars was found missing from the Banco Ambrosiano in Milan, Italy.

October 2, 1982 CE – Guiseppe Dellacha, executive of Banco Ambrosiano is found dead from a fall out of one of the bank's windows.

March 23, 1986 CE – Michele Sindona is poisoned to death in the Italian jail for which he was serving time for ordering the death of Giorgio Ambrosioli.

Predictions of the Murder of John Paul I by Nostradamus

Century 3, Quatrain 35

When the sepulcher of the great Roman is found,
The day after a Pope shall be elected;
The Senate (Conclave) will not approve of him.
His blood is poisoned in the sacred chalice.

Century 10, Quatrain 12

The one elected Pope will be mocked by his electors,
This enterprising and prudent person will suddenly be reduced in silence,
They cause him to die because of his too great goodness and mildness.
Stricken by fear, they will lead him to his death in the night.

Century 4, Quatrain 11

He who will have the government of the great cape
Will be lead to execute in certain cases.
The twelve red ones will spoil the cover.
Under murder, murder will come to be perpetrated.

John Paul II

Aldo Moro

1978 - 2005 CE - Italy - John Paul II, a Slavish-Jew is elected pope. He is the first non-Italian elected in 455 years. He had argued for religious freedom, contending that the church must grant to others the liberty of thought, action and speech that she claimed for herself. He is forced to defend Humanae Vitæ, on marriage, contraception, abortion and homosexuality. He tried to restore the morale and effectiveness of the infamous Jesuits, the Society of Jesus.

1978 CE - Italy - Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro is assassinated. On 16 March 1978 CE, the day Andreotti presented his 4th Government to both Houses of Parliament, he was kidnapped by the Red Brigades. On 9 May he was assassinated. His body was found in the boot of a car parked in Via Caetani in Rome.

Former Italian Senator and anti-terrorist expert Sergio Flamigni's latest book, The Sphinx and the Gladiators: How Neo-Fascists Steered the Red Brigades, reveals new evidence that the Red Brigades terrorist group, which was responsible for assassination of Christian Democratic leader Aldo Moro in 1978 CE, and other murderous acts, was directly steered by Gladio-NATO circles. These circles were headed by the late Edgardo Sogno, an agent of the Anglo-American intelligence and special operations network, which was put together in Europe after World War II, by Allen Dulles, director of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) and the CIA.

Jimmy Carter

1978 CE - United States - James E. Carter becomes the 39th President of the United States on the Democratic ticket. Carter was also a member of the Anti-American organization known as the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). In 1978 CE, The Club of Rome commissioned Cyrus Vance, Jimmy Carter's Secretary of State to write The Global 2000 Report. This is a Draconian plan to reduce the world's population by means of wars, famine, diseases, and plagues. The HIV virus and the Aids epidemic became a part of this plan. They also commissioned Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter's National Security Advisor, (who also with David Rockefeller formed The Trilateral Commission in 1973 CE), to write The Technetronic Era. This is a post-industrial zero growth plan designed in part to cripple U.S. industry in order to prepare us for the New World Order. Carter's Vice-President was Walter Mondale from 1977 CE until 1981 CE. Mondale was an Illuminati puppet of Orville Freeman of the Satanic Illuminati. (13) Walter Mondale later enjoyed the status of being the only U.S. Senator on the Trilateral Commission.

1978 CE - Spain - Spain adopts a parliamentary monarchy and joins NATO.

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, 1902-1989

1979 CE - Iran - The shah Reza Pahlevi is overthrown by the Islamic Revolution and Iran becomes a theocratic republic led by the ayatollah Khomeini with a strong anti-American posture.

1979 CE - Egypt - Israel - Egypt and Israel sign a peace treaty.

1979 CE - Iraq - Saddam Hussein stages a palace coup and President Bakr resigns for health reasons. Among Saddam's first actions after assuming the presidency is purging the Ba'ath Party of any potential enemies.

Several weeks into his presidency, Saddam calls a meeting of the Ba'ath Party leadership and insists it be videotaped. He announces there are traitors in their midst and reads out their names. One by one, the individuals are led out, never to be seen again. Tapes of the meeting are sent throughout the country, allowing Saddam to send a message to the Iraqi elite.

1979 CE - Germany - The Green Party is founded in Germany with an environmentalist platform.

1979 CE - Afghanistan - Soviet troops invade Afghanistan and establish a communist government.

1979 CE - United States - Alonzo Lowry McDonald, former U.S Marine from 1950 CE to 1952 CE, a member of the CFR and Illuminati, who has lived in London, Zurich, and Paris, was Assistant to President Carter and U.S. White House Staff Director from 1979 CE until 1981 CE.

Osama Bin Laden

Saddam Hussein with troops during the Iran-Iraq War

1980 CE - Afghanistan - "Mujaheddin" and volunteers from the Arab world, led by Saudi scion Osama bin Laden, organize the resistance against the Soviet Union's occupation of Afghanistan.

1980 CE - Iraq - Iran - Saddam Majid Hussein, a Sunni Muslim, of Iraq attacks Iran starting an eight year war, 1980 - 1988 CE. One million Iranians are killed. Iraq used poison gas against Iran.

1980 CE - Spain - 118 people are killed in ETA, Euzkadi ta Azkatasuna, terrorist attacks in Spain.

1981 CE - Egypt - Egyptian president Anwar Sadat is assassinated by a radical Muslim organization and is succeeded by Hosni Mubarak.

1981 CE - France - Francois Mitterrand, a socialist, is elected president of France.

Ronald Reagan

1981 CE - United States - Ronald Reagan is elected as the 40th President of the United States as a Republican. (14) Reagan's Vice-President was George Bush for both terms from 1981 CE to 1989 CE. Both Reagan and Bush were Freemasons. The President of the United States of America, under the Emigration Control Act of 1986, Section 100, has the authority to deem whatever type of identification is necessary - whether it be an invisible tattoo or electronic media under the skin. (15) Writer Roger Morris (author of "Partners In Power") and Sally Denton wrote a well-researched article entitled The Crimes of Mena. This story, based on Barry Seal's surviving records, had been fact checked and cleared for publication by the legal staff of the Washington Post, when it was suddenly spiked without explanation by Managing Editor Bob Kaiser, a fellow Skull & Bones alumni with ex-CIA chief George Bush. Eleanor Roosevelt, who was involved in numerous communist organizations and was an actual card carrying member of the American communist party, was a close friend and confidant to Ronald Reagan's mother. (16) Reagan was also a member of the all-male ultra-exclusive Bohemian Club to which every Republican President since Herbert Hoover has belonged.

During the 1980s, under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, the U.S. government knowingly gave direct aid to genocidal campaigns that killed tens of thousands Mayan Indian people in Guatemala and elsewhere. (17)

1982 CE - Spain - After a failed military coup, the socialist party wins the elections in Spain and Felipe Gonzalez Marquez becomes prime minister.

1982 CE - Poland - The USSR outlaws solidarity in Poland.

1983 CE - United States - Peter Hoagland, Nebraska State Senator and Humanist, speaking on radio in 1983 CE with the great American Pastor and Patriot Everett Silevan said –

"Fundamental, Bible believing people do not have the right to indoctrinate their children in their religious beliefs because we, the state, are preparing them for the year 2000, when America will be part of a one world global society and their children will not fit in."

As I walked through the crowd toward Reagan, I saw familiar faces associated with the "Order of the Rose." Across the room, Bill and Bob Bennett were laughing with Dick Cheney, then Governor of Pennsylvania. Dick Thornburgh was engaged in conversation with Arlen Spector. Within the farthest reaches of my expanded peripheral vision, I saw George Bush talking with his U.N. confidant Madeleine Albright. (Reagan first introduced me to U.N. Ambassador Madeleine Albright as "my mentor" in Jesuit operations in the Caribbean.) Knowing I could see him as though I had eyes in the back of my head, Bush subtly signaled me to join them. "You know Madeleine Albright," Bush began. Expertly using terminology from previously instilled Catholic Jesuit beliefs, he continued, "She's the reverend mother of all sisters (slaves). She's so close to God that an order from her is an order from him." Albright snickered, apparently impressed with Bush's "witty" manipulation of program verbiage. "She rose in the U.N. through me to implement the New World peace process."

     Trance Formation of America, The true life story of a CIA Mind Control Slave, Cathy O'Brien, Reality Marketing, Las Vegas, Nevada, p. 176, 1995.

Cathy O'Brien spent nearly thirty years as a mind-controlled sex slave of the United States Government. She is the only one so far to both have survived with her life and been deprogramed successfully enough for her to remember all that happened.

Helmut Kohl

1983 CE - Germany - Helmut Kohl, the interim chancellor of West Germany since the fall of Helmut Schmidt's Social Democrat government in the previous year, is elected German chancellor as his Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party is voted back into power.

1983 CE - Italy - Peter Hans Kolvenbach is elected Jesuit Superior General, succeeding Pedro Arrupe.

1984 CE - Italy - Italy and the Vatican signed an agreement under which Roman Catholicism ceased to be the State Religion.

1985 CE - Lebanon - Hezbollah suicide commandos organized by Iran blow up the US and French barracks killing 241 marines and 58 French soldiers.

1986 CE - Europe - Spain joins the European Community

1987 CE - Libya - American planes bomb Libya trying to assassinate Qaddafi.

1987 CE - Israel - Palestinians in the occupied territories begin an uprising against Israeli occupation (first "intifada").

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

1987 CE - Palestine - Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, backed by donors in the Gulf states, creates the civilian and military organization Hamas in Gaza, with the goal to drive Israel out of the Middle East and establish an Islamic state. Ahmed Yassin, former Hamas spiritual leader, was a refugee in Gaza after 1948 CE and worked as teacher, preacher, and community worker. Yassin, born in January 1937 CE, was confined to a wheelchair after a sports accident at the age of 12.

He was assassinated in March 22, 2004 when an Israeli helicopter missile hit his car as he was leaving a mosque in the northern Gaza Strip.

1987 CE - Iraq - Saddam Majid Hussein, dictator of Iraq, ordered 'The Anfal Campaign' (1987 - 1988 CE) against the Kurds. 180,000 Kurds disappeared and 4,000 villages were destroyed.

1988 CE - Afghanistan - The Soviet Union withdraws from Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden, in Afghanistan, creates Al Qaeda, a worldwide alliance of (mainly Arab) fundamentalist militants, based on the teachings of Mohammad ibn Abd al-Wahab.

1988 CE - England - Radiocarbon testing was completed on the Shroud of Turin, which found –

"The results of radiocarbon measurements at Arizona, Oxford and Zurich yield a calibrated calendar age range with at least 95% confidence for the linen of the Shroud of Turin of 1260 - 1390 CE (rounded down/up to nearest 10 yr). These results therefore provide conclusive evidence that the linen of the Shroud of Turin is mediaeval."

1988 CE - Iraq - In March, Saddam Hussein, ordered the gassing of the Kurdish town of Halabaja, killing 5,000 and injuring 10,000. In August, many other Kurdish villages on the Turkey boarder were gassed with 1,000's being killed.

1988 CE - Canada - In 1988 CE, in response to the defense of a Canadian citizen, Ernst Zündel, charged with "knowingly publishing false news" of the purported Jewish Holocaust of World War II, an American engineer - Fred Leuchter - an expert in the design and construction of gas chambers used for the execution of convicted criminals published The Leuchter Report: The End of a Myth, A Report on the Alleged Execution Gas Chambers at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek, Poland by an Execution Equipment Expert. His professional opinion of what had been regarded to be gas chambers for executions and crematoriums concluded with this comment –

After reviewing all of the material and inspecting all of the sites at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek, your author finds the evidence as overwhelming. There were no execution gas chambers at any of these locations. It is the best engineering opinion of this author that the alleged gas chambers at the inspected sites could not have then been, or now, be utilized or seriously considered to function as execution gas chambers.

Jack Kemp

The Fall of the Berlin Wall - November 1989

1988 CE - United States - Jack Kemp, a Freemason of Buffalo, New York, was born in Los Angeles, California on July 13, 1935 CE. He was U.S. Representative from New York, from 1971 CE until 1989 CE, serving the 39th District 1971 CE - 1973 CE, the 38th District 1973 CE - 1983 CE, and the 31st District from 1983 CE - 1989 CE. Kemp was a candidate for Republican nomination for President in 1988 CE. He served as U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, from 1989 CE until 1993 CE. Kemp was also Republican candidate for Vice-President of the United States in 1996 CE.

1989 CE - Germany - The Berlin Wall is destroyed by millions of ecstatic Germans, thus leading to the reunification of east and west Germany.

1989 CE - Panama - On December 15, Manuel Noriega received the title of Chief Executive Officer of Panama. He declared war on the United States. A Panamanian solder subsequently killed an unarmed US marine officer who was dressed in civilian clothes. The United States responded on December 17, when President George Bush ordered troops into Panama. Noriega was captured, tried in Miami, Florida and jailed.

1989 CE - China - The Tiananmen square massacre occurred in China. A courageous young man captured the imagination of the whole world, when he single-handedly stopped the advance of a tank column by standing in its way. On June 3, troops received orders to reclaim Tiananmen Square at all costs. The soldiers opened fire on people blocking the armies advances and on people shouting at the troups. The estimated number killed range from 500 to 3,000. The demonstrators were mostly students who had occupied the square for seven weeks. The army searched the university campus searching for ringleaders who were beaten or killed. Deng Xiaoping is believed to have ordered the massacre.

Tiananmen Square

1990 CE - Kuwait - Iraqi troops under Saddam Hussein invade Kuwait and are repelled by an international coalition (including most Arab countries) led by the United States.

1990 CE - Lebanon - The last Christian leader to fight Syria and the Muslims in Lebanon surrenders, the civil war ends and Lebanon becomes a Muslim country.

1990 CE - Germany - East and West Germany are reunited under chancellor Kohl.

George Herbert Walker Bush

1990 CE - United States - George Herbert Walker Bush becomes the 41st President of the United States as a Republican. Bush, a Freemason, was also a Skull & Bones member, and a member of the Anti-American organization known as the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), and The Trilateral Commission. Bush also served as Director of the CIA. George Bush is a recent member of The Order Of The Garter (which is the core leader of The Committee of 300) Bush was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II who is the leader of the Order of The Garter, on December 20, 1993 CE, as a Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath. This was for his leadership in the Gulf War, when he sent American solders to die for England's interest of their petroleum in Kuwait. General Colin Powell and General Norman Schwarzkopf were given also lower order of knighthoods. Was also a member of the all-male ultra-exclusive Bohemian Club to which every Republican President since Herbert Hoover has belonged. Bush's Vice-President was James D. Quayle III.

The Masonic imperialism of the Franklin Pierce administration lives on as the romantic, elite legend of the Eastern Establishment. They celebrate that legend in the marriage of President Pierce's blood relative Barbara Pierce to George Bush, whose imperial ideas are rooted in the events of the 1850s.

Documents exist showing the Bush family is directly in business with the Queen of England through her bank, Coutts Bank, London. Since the War of 1812, the British have vowed to take back this continent as a British puppet colony. William Rockefeller Clinton was sent by the Rhodes Trust to be educated at Oxford. The Rhodes Trust is pledged to overthrowing the American government and restoring British domination. The Brits played a role in steering up known hostility between the South and the North, Divide and Conquer, to foment the American Civil War. The Brits ran the Union forces blockade to supply weapons to the Confederacy. The British played a role in the political assassination of President James Garfield and President William McKinley, who opposed Britain trying to dominate American aspirations and industrial development.

The Elder Bush, many do not know, for the decade of the 1980s, was the private business partner of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi strongman. Together, they shared billions and billions of dollars of kick-backs and "protection" funds, from the weak oil sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf. A little known Chicago federal lawsuit was brought, in October 1990 CE, during the lead-up to the shooting war, to keep concealed the related bank records showing the clandestine partnership.

"What I found at the PIT plant was very heinous. I found that a strain of hydrogen cyanide called Prussian Blue was being tested on gas mask filters more than 1 year prior to the Persian Gulf War. This information was known to the President of the United States, George Bush. It was arranged through Trevor Armbrister, a CIA asset and a Senior Editor of Reader's Digest, to fly me to the steps of the White House. Time does not permit me to tell my story, but the information that I want to get out to the American people is that the Gulf War illnesses are actually communicable diseases. The microbes will live almost indefinitely, but for a minimum of seven years. It's on the gas masks, the clothing, the weapons – any of the materials brought back from the Gulf War. I have reports from several different states where civilians that bought some of the clothing went home and wore them, and now the entire family is in wheel chairs; there have been some deaths as a result of this." (18)

It is no small coincidence that George Bush and James Baker, as well as others, were stockholders in the very same biotechnology companies that were responsible for the biowarfare weapons used in the Gulf that caused this worldwide plague to begin.

Prescott Bush, George Bush's father, lost all his money in the 1929 CE stock market crash, and the Harriman's again came to financially help Prescott Bush back on his feet. During the 1920s, W. Averell Harriman, Prescott Bush, Fritz Thyssen and Friedrich Flick created several entities to help finance Hitler and to produce the weapons Hitler would need to fight WW II. One of these companies was the German Steel Trust, called Vereinigte Stahlwerke. This company produced 35% of Nazi Germany's explosives, 50.8% of Germany's pig iron, 38.5% of Nazi Germany's galvanized steel, 36% of Germany's heavy plate, 22.1 % of Germany's wire, and many other things essential for Hitler. If it had not been Harriman and Bush's money helping Thyssen, who was Hitler's major backer, Hitler would never have been able to launch WW II. Thyssen even wrote a book in 1930 CE entitled I Paid Hitler (now rare), telling about how he financed Hitler and the Nazis beginning in October 1923 CE. Hitler was of the Rothschild bloodline.

Tim Berners-Lee

1991 CE - Switzerland - The world-wide web, invented by Tim Berners-Lee in Geneva, debuts on the Internet.

1991 CE - Yugoslavia - The Yugoslavian Civil War begins. The republics of Croatia and Slovenia, north and west of Bosnia-Herzegovina, seek to loosen the Yugoslavia federation. Ethnic and religious violence grows threatening again to ignite a world war. The Bosnia Muslim, Serb Orthodox Christian and Croat Roman Catholic are all Slav descendents. Canada called for United Nations intervention in Yugoslavia. Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney in London said that in the end we are our brother's keepers.

1991 - present CE - Turkey - Bartholomew I becomes Patriarch of Constantinople.

1991 CE - Iraq - On January 16, the Gulf War begins following the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. By February, President George Bush issues a cease-fire.

Herbert Guschewski at the Möltenort memorial in 1999

1991 CE - United States - In 1991 CE, a fisherman's net snagged on a massive object on the seafloor sixty miles off the coast of New Jersey. Professional diver John Chatterton went down to investigate and discovered an intact German U-boat from World War II, complete with unexploded torpedoes and the remains of its crew. Astonishingly, neither the American or British authorities, nor even the German government itself, had any record of a U-boat having sunk there.

Chatterton and his diving partner Richie Kohler set out to establish the submarine's identity. After six years of work, which included the tragic loss of three divers, they finally did so. The boat is U-869, a submarine previously thought lost off the coast of Morocco.

When a shorter version of the NOVA program "Hitler's Lost Sub" aired in Germany in April 1999, a remarkable thing happened. A 78-year-old man came forth and announced that he was the sole survivor of U-869. It turns out that Herbert Guschewski, one of two radio operators aboard the sub, had been taken off the U-boat with pleurisy just before it set sail on its final voyage. In June 1999 CE, NOVA producer Rush DeNooyer interviewed Guschewski at a monument to the U-boat service in the northern German coastal town of Möltenort.

Read Guschewski's emotional response to the film and to the wrenching memories it resurrected of his lost comrades and his life aboard U-869 more than a half century ago. (A)

Sao Tome e Principe

1992 CE - Italy - Sao Tome e Principe, an island approximately 320 kilometers west of Gabon, is settled by Jewish children deported from Portugal during the Inquisition. The island then became a transit point for the slave trade. Pope John Paul II deplored the Roman Catholic Church's condoning of that sad offense to human dignity.

1992 CE - France - Bishop Meaux of Paris recruited Father Patrick Rosiest, a self proclaimed Communist, a robust active member of the CGT trade union (communist union) since the close of the last war. His mission as an undercover agent is to infiltrate, using sins of omission, the Euro-Disney operation to determine the cultural and spiritual effect these Americans might have on his flock.

1992 CE - United States - On April 30, President Bush issued Executive Order 12803, which called for the privitization of all property in America. In other words, everything in America is for sale. This is in agreement with inheritable property from individuals who own the private estates given by grants from the kings of England, but in contradiction with things considered to be extra-patrimonium –

That which is capable, of being inherited.
2. Things capable of being possessed by a single person exclusively of all others, are, in the Roman or civil law, said to be in patrimonio; when incapable of being so possessed they are extra-patrimonium.
3. In general, things may be inherited, but there are some which are said to be extra patrimonium, or which are not in commerce. These are such as are common, as the light of heaven, the air, the sea, and the like. Things public, as rivers, harbors, roads, creeks, ports, arms of the sea, the seashore, highways, bridges, and the like. Things which belong to cities and municipal corporations, as public squares, streets, market houses, and the like.

     Bouvier's Law Dictionary, Patrimonium, 1856.

As long as National Emergencies are declared, the people of America will be enslaved to the international bankers.

Apart from the start Ross Perot obtained with the huge Rockefeller-awarded New York contract to his computer business, therre are clues given during Ross Perot's acceptance speech as the new leader of the Reform Party. In the video before his speech, Perot was identified as being on the Foreign intelligence Advisory Board "which requires the highest security clearance".

In his speech he identified Social Security as the usual major problem and then recommended a new book coming out in a few days which will apparently offer solutions he approves of. The author is Peter G. Peterson, Chairman of the CFR, former Cabinet Member, and Head of the Blackstone group.

William J. Clinton

1993 CE - United States - On August 19, 1946 CE, Bill Clinton, the 42nd President, was born in Hope, Arkansas, at the 33rd Parallel. His parentage is disputed. As a young man, Bill Clinton was a Master Counselor of the Masonic-connected Demolay. "Demolay" is derived from the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, James deMolay (1244 - 1314 CE). Clinton's ties with the C.I.A. began when he studied at Oxford.

William J. Clinton becomes the 42nd President of the United States as a Democrat. Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar, a CFR member, a Trilateral Commission member and a Bilderberger participant. He joined the Council on Foreign Relations in 1989 CE, attended a Bilderberg meeting in 1991 CE and was a current member of the Trilateral Commission at the time of his nomination. Pam Harriman is the person behind Bill Clinton. She is tied in with the Collins of the satanic group Hell Fire Club. Clinton's Jewish wife Hillary is known to practice Shamanism witchcraft. (19) (Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Bloodlines) Clinton's Vice-President during both terms was Al Gore. Both Clinton and Gore are Freemasons. Clinton's reign as President has been noted for numerous scandals, including the unexplained deaths of more than fifty of his associates by means of bullets and plane crashes.

Bill Clinton with Satanic gesture

Bill Clinton in his inaugural speech said –

"This ceremony is held in the depth of winter. But, by the words we speak and the faces we show the world, we force the spring.

George W. Bush Satanic gesture on Regis Philbin TV show

Clinton repeated the words "we force the spring" later in the speech. That expression is a very unusual expression. To "force the spring" is witchcraft language in witchcraft and Satanism. Lucifer (Baal) rises from the underworld on May 1st (also known by the following list of names Beltaine, a major European holiday, Communism and the Illuminati's chief holiday, and Walpurgis). The May 1st rising brings forth the season of fertility, which the witches each year take credit for, by claiming that their magic rituals "force the spring." The ritual magic that "forces the spring" is done on 3 Sabbats-the first is Imbolg (also known by names – Candlemas by the Catholics and Ground Hog Day by common dupes); the second is the vernal equinox (Mar. 20) in which blood and sex rituals are carried out and the third is Beltaine (May 1) in which fire festivals are done. This is one of the fire festivals which people around the United States tell me they have witnessed from a distance. Witches believe that on May 1st, the female force completes her takeover from the male force.

George W. Bush Satanic gesture on 08/12/06 -

In order for the female to overtake the male force, Clinton chose the position of Attorney General. The title "General" has a male connotation. All the rest of the cabinet members are called Secretaries which has a female connotation. The Attorney General position was to be given to a woman. But in order for the witchcraft ceremony and timing to be right, the woman couldn't take over until after Feb. 2, or Imbolg and there had to be 3 female candidates, from which one is traditionally picked by a witchcraft coven. This is why the selection of the Attorney General was not confirmed until Feb. 2. And sure enough all three candidates given by Bill Clinton were women, from which one was selected. Bill Clinton did indeed "force the spring"! Further, Clinton told us HOW he would "force the spring" in his inaugural speech. On the 666th word of his inauguration speech, Clinton launched into a sentence on sacrifice, "it will not be easy; it will require sacrifice. But it can be done, and done fairly, not choosing sacrifice for Its own sake, but for our own sake." Clinton gave the hand signal of Satanists at the end of his speech.

Newsweek Magazine headlined its story "New Age President Takes Office." (Jan. 25, 1993 CE). That Clinton would consider his Cabinet a coven is not so far fetched. Most of his cabinet tie in closely with the Illuminati. The Council on Foreign Relations is an upper level of the visible arm of the Illuminati. The January 1993 CE newsletter explained that the CFR was the equivalent of the 4° of the Bavarian Illuminati. Many of these people do not realize the full Satanic implications of what they are in. If one reviews the various levels of the Bavarian Illuminati, they will realize that the process of corruption was gradual, and that the lower levels had no idea what they were really involved in, although some probably suspected what they were into. The basic ingredient of the lower levels is loyalty to their superiors, because they believe they are in the elite's organization. Consider, Clinton and his cabinet – Slick Willie Clinton - CFR TC (Trilateral Commission), Bldrbgr (Bilderberger participant), participant in various Illuminati front organizations such as DLC, Rhodes Scholar, wife Hillary is known to practice shamanism witchcraft. (19)

George W. Bush Jr. is elected governor of Texas.

Yitzhak Rabin

Yasser Arafat

1994 CE - Israel - The Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin signs an agreement to start a peace process with Arafat's Palestinian Authority, which is granted the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Hamas and the Islamic Jihad movement begin a series of terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians.

1994 CE - Rwanda - A campaign of genocide began after the Rwandan Presidents jet was shot down over Kigali, Rawanda. A 100 day campaign saw the slaughter of 500,000 Tutsis and politically moderate Hutus. Others suggest the death of one million people within a three month period. The war was between the Hutus (88% of population) and the Tutsis (11% of the population). The Tutsis prevailed and the Hutus fled; 2 million to Zaire, 480,000 to Tanzania, 200,000 to Burundi, 10,000 to Uganda and about 1 million remained within Rwanda where many more died of starvation or were killed. The Presidential Guard started the massacres and Theoneste Bagosora is believed to be the authority behind the slaughter. Bagosora, Gratien, Kabiligi, Anatole Nesengiyumva, and Alots Ntabakuze have been charged.

1994 CE - Europe - Sweden, Austria and Finland join the European Union.

1995 CE - Ireland - The last Mary Magdalene asylums are closed in Ireland this year. They were run by the Dominican Sisters of Mercy. It is believed 30,000 victims were processed through these slave camps. This institutional system of cruelty was justified by a perverted hysteria about sex. Millions of pounds were paid out in settlement to the victims, but many lives were destroyed.

"Five years ago in Dublin, Ireland, an order of nuns sold off part of its convent to real estate developers. On that property the remains of 133 women buried in unmarked graves were discovered. It turned out that the women had been incarcerated by the Catholic Church to work as virtual slave laborers in institutions known as Magdalene Asylums."

      World Socialist Web Site,, Joanne Laurier, September 1, 2003.

1995 CE - Israel - Israeli prime minister Rabin is assassinated by a Jewish fundamentalist.

Jacques Chirac

1995 CE - France - Jacques Chirac is elected president of France.

1995 CE - Italy - Representatives of the Grand Priories of Germany and Austria (Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem) are granted an audience with His Holiness the Pope.

Major International Conclaves in London and Salzburg with Scotland represented produce a full democratie re-structuring of Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani ready for service in the 21st century.

1995 CE - Serbia - The actions of the Dutch peacekeepers of the United Nation disarmed thousands of Muslim men, thereby encouraged, aided, and emboldened the execution of more than 8,000 Muslim men and boys at Srebrenica. The Serbs Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic are responsible for this atrocity and remain at large. The International War Tribunal indicted Mladic, Obrenovis, Krstic and Radoven Karadzic. Krstic was sentenced to 46 years in prison and Dragan Obrenovis is sentenced to 17 years in prison. General Radivot Krstic announced to his troops "You must kill everyone. We don't need anyone alive."

1995 CE - United States - The Oklahoma City bombing occurs on April 18, 1995.

1996 CE - United States - In September of 1996 CE, President Clinton signed into law, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996. Buried at approximately page 650 of the new national Defense Bill, also known as Public Law 104-208, Part B, Title IV, the American public was given a national ID card. With no fanfare, no publicity and no scrutiny, the bill easily avoided the watchful eyes of even its most aggressive opponents. The national ID became law in 1996 CE and will go in effect October 1, 2000 CE, unless Congress repeals Section 656 (b) of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act. If the law is not changed, every state must meet certain unfunded federal mandates requiring the use of Social Security numbers, fingerprints, DNA, retina scans, and other "biometric" identifying information on all driver's licenses.

1997 CE - Afghanistan - The Taliban takes control of Afghanistan.

1997 CE - United States - President Bill Clinton extended the authority for dealing with the national emergency for one year on September 14, 1997 CE. A listing of prior extensions, shows that this is an annual event. The approval of these extensions still relates to the 1933 CE national emergency. Presidential lawmaking via executive order has been highly criticized since the impeachment of President Clinton.

Although Jews are 2% of the Nation, they are 42% of Clinton's Government, as of September 1, 1997. (20)

1997 CE - Canada - James Bacque published his book Crimes and Mercies (21), which showed that more than nine million Germans (mostly civilians) died as a result of Allied starvation and expulsion policies in the first five years after World War II. These deaths were not accidental, but were the result of deliberately genocidal policies instituted by the Jewish U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower and his Jewish cabinet-member Henry Morgenthau. They began planning for this in 1944 CE, before the extent of the atrocities of the death camps became known. That more Germans did not starve to death or die of illness in the post-war years was due to the humanity of Herbert Hoover and others. Awareness of this act of genocide has been suppressed for fifty years not only by the Allied governments, but also by the German government.

This is from the bombing of the embassy in Dar es Salem, Tanzania, which killed 11 people and injured 85.

1998 CE - Africa - On August 7, 1998 CE, the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed. The terrorists were affiliated with Osama bin Laden.

Grooved Spheres

1998 CE - South Africa - Over the last few decades, miners in South Africa have been digging up mysterious metal spheres. Origin unknown, these spheres measure approximately an inch or so in diameter, and some are etched with three parallel grooves running around the equator. Two types of spheres have been found – one is composed of a solid bluish metal with flecks of white; the other is hollowed out and filled with a spongy white substance. The kicker is that the rock in which they where found is Precambrian – and dated to 2.8 billion years old! Who made them and for what purpose is unknown. [about]

1998 CE - Sudan - Afghanistan - The United States bombs Sudan for helping terrorists and Afghanistan's camps where Osama bin Laden trains his militants.

1998 CE - Germany - Social democrat leader Gerard Schroeder becomes chancellor of Germany and Joschka Fischer's Green Party joins the government coalition.

1999 CE - Serbia - NATO bombs Serbia to stop repression against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. War has been simmering in Kosovo, Serbia, Yugoslavia since 1945 CE and by the summer of 1998 CE full scale Civil War broke out. NATO moved in to settling the Kosovo war.

Trent Lott

Robert C. Byrd

George W. Bush

1999 CE - United States - At the impeachment trial of President Clinton, three of the Senators were were instrumental in his acquittal – Majority Leader Rep. Trent Lott; Rep. Arlen Specter; Dem. Robert C. Byrd. All three senators are 33rd degree Masons.

2000 CE - United States - On December 13, George Bush Jr. officially becomes the 43rd President of the United States. Bush, Jr. is a confirmed member Skull and Bones. George W. Bush admitted to being a Member of The Skull and Bones to Time Magazine. He is also a member of the Council On Foreign Relations and a confirmed Freemason. Bush is closely related to every European monarch on and off the throne – including the King of Albania – and has kinship with every member of Britain's royal family, the House of Windsor.

He is a 13th cousin of Britain's Queen Mother, and of her daughter Queen Elizabeth and is a 13th cousin once removed of the heir to the throne, Prince Charles. Bush's family tree can be documented as far back as the early 15th century. He has a direct descent from Henry III and from Henry VIII's sister Mary Tudor, who was also the wife of Louis XI of France. He is also descended from Charles II of England.

2001 CE - Israel - A significant discovery of bone fragments dating to about 1 CE are likely Essene but they caused an archaeological religious battle. The bones were reburied because Rabbinical authority in Israel forbids the digging up of Jewish graves as the findings might contradict conventional religious beliefs.

Slobodan Milosovic

2001 CE - Yugoslavia - Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosovic, is arrested for war crimes. It is noteworthy that his parents, an Orthodox Priest and a teacher, both committed suicide, as did an uncle. It is also noteworthy that Bosnia-Herzegovina is 40% Muslim, 30% Serbs and 18% Croats. Milosovic's goal was to create a Serb-dominated Yugoslavia, with himself as supreme leader. He ordered the Serb army to drive Muslims from the country thereby purifying Bosnia. The Muslims were subjected to mass rape, confinement in concentration camps and genocide. Ethnic cleansing killed 2,000 and drove 400,000 from their homes. Many Serbs consider the criminals as heroes.

2002 CE - Europe - A common currency, the euro, is introduced throughout Europe.

Europe has seen 45 consecutive years of fertility decline for unclear reasons. The majority of infertile men is genetic damage to the Y chromosome. Sperm count has declined 50% between 1930 CE to 1990 CE. Some believe the cause is the use of chemicals in the environment. Current fertility rates are England 1.64, Spain 1.2, Italy 1.3, Greece 1.3. Germany 1.4 and Japan is 1.4., Canada is 1.52 and the United States is 2.08. 1.7 is considered the lowest for maintaining a reasonable balance of old to young people with a negative population growth. Immigration is the only other way to maintain a zero population growth but many countries are rejecting this as an option as their cultural identity is being threatened.

Jean Marie le Pen

2002 CE - France - The French ambassador to London in 2001 CE described Israel as a "shitty little country." In April 2002 CE, the hypocritical anti-semitic stance of the French People shout 'death to the Jews!' and 'Adolf Hitler was Right,' as hundreds of synagogues, kosher restaurants, Jewish schools, cemeteries and community centers are vandalized, ransacked, firebombed and spray-painted with swastikas. Jewish institutions have been riddled with gunfire. In April 2002, there were 500 such incidents reported. The world was shocked as Jean Marie le Pen achieved second place in the French Presidential election with his Nazistic brand of anti-Semitism, with echoes of Vichy fascism as a reflection of a changing French culture. The French Government and police agencies are ignoring this made in France 'final solution'. The French have forgotten World War II.

2003 CE - Scotland - Pope John Paul II has declared that Scotland is no longer a Christian country, and is in effect a spiritual wasteland. The proportion of Scots attending church between 1983 CE and 2001 CE dropped from 33% to 23%. During the same period those who called themselves Catholic dropped from 22% to 12%.

2003 CE - United States - Iraq - George W. Bush orders the invasion of Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein. The USA-led war topples Saddam Majid Hussein, sons Hussein al Majid and Subha, and ends with Saddam's eventual capture for war crimes.

Rowan Williams

2003 CE - England - Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has been barred from conducting communion service in 350 Church of England parishes because of his support for women priests.

2003 CE - Europe - Spain, Holland, Denmark and Italy support the USA/UK invasion of Iraq, while France and Germany strongly oppose it.

Millions of western Europeans march in the streets to protest USA plans to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq.

2004 CE - Iraq - Former exile Iyad Allawi is named prime minister of Iraq by the United States.

2004 CE - Yugoslavia - Eighteen suspected members of the Serbian Mafia go on trial in Sarajevo for trafficking in human sex slaves. The are charged in forcing young girls from Moldavia, Ukraine and Hungary into brothels of Bosnia. Milorad Milakovic, one of the 18, faces 85 criminal allegations including conspiracy, organized crime, trafficking in humans, sexual slavery and international prostitution.

2004 CE - Spain - The Spanish Government has banned crucifixes from public buildings. Church funding is to be phased out.

2004 CE - Germany - Gerhard Schroeder resigns from leader of the SPD.

2004 CE - Europe - Ten new members (mostly former communist countries) join the European Union, greatly expanding its eastern border, and increasing its population to 455 million in 25 states, its area to 738,573 sq km, and its gross domestic product to 9.613 trillion euros (more than 10 trillion dollars).

Standing before a U.S. flag displayed for propaganda effect, presidential candidate John Kerry gives the classic Communist, clenched fist salute.

2004 CE - United States - The 2004 Presidential Election.

John Kerry's real surname is not really Kerry. And he's neither of Irish heritage nor of Catholic religious persuasion. Those are mere fronts, deceptive facades created by his masters for public consumption. Both Kerry and Bush have their images created and molded by their Illuminati overlords, the better to deceive the masses.

The persona created by the Illuminati for Bonesman initiate George W. Bush, was that he would be an earthy, cowboy and boots Texas type. This was to be an image which, naturally, belied George's Kennebunkport, Maine, roots and his privileged Brahmin upbringing among the Wall Street elite of his grandfather, international Jewish banker, Prescott Sheldon Bush.

Now comes fellow Yale Skull-and-Bones man John Kerry, whose real name is John Kohn, whose wealthy father, Richard Kohn, was a State Department big shot and whose Jewish grandfather, Fritz Kohn, originally came over to the U.S.A. from Czechoslovakia. Fritz Kohn set up shop with fellow Jews on Wall Street and soaked up a fortune ripping off hapless Gentile clients.

In Massachusetts, Jews are not as popular as Irish Catholics, so the name "Kerry" was assigned the Kohn tribe. For his entire life, John Kerry has pretended to be Irish and Catholic. It got him his U.S. Senator post some 19 years ago. Now he is running for President, and rich Jews have billions to donate to Jewish and pro-Zionist candidates. So, in 2003 CE, Kerry publicly announced that he had just made a startling genealogical discovery. "Yep, I'm Jewish," Kerry told the press. "I never would have thought it," he said. "Gee whiz."

Investigation shows that Teresa Heinz, the wife of John Kerry, is also Jewish. Heir to the billion dollar Heinz ketchup and foods dynasty, Teresa is active in Jewish and Israeli causes. She's chair of Hadassah, the national Jewish women's organization. Kerry's brother is also now out of the closet as a Jew, and regularly attends worship at a Jewish synagogue. He evidently dropped the Kerry family pretense of being "Irish Catholic."

A few years ago, Madeline Albright, Clinton's Secretary of State, surprisingly "discovered" she was a Czech Jew. General Wesley Clark, another Democrat, also made the same discovery just this year. Clark now says his father's real name was "Kanne," Jewish. The General even bragged to a Jewish group of millionaires whom he auditioned with that, "My Jewish father came from a long line of Rabbis."

On Oct. 16, President Bush signed into law the Global Anti-Semitism Awareness Act of 2004. This act would establish in the Department of State, "an office to monitor and combat anti-Semitism" and would "require inclusion in annual Department of State reports of information concerning acts of anti-Semitism around the world."

The USA and Britain admit that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction (which was the reason to invade Iraq).

Chemical Trails

Chemical Trails over Madison, Wisconsin, November 11, 2004

Chemical Trails over Madison, Wisconsin, November 11, 2004

A couple of U.S. patents describe some of the techniques involved with atmospheric spraying. The first one is patent number 5,003,186 Stratospheric seeding for reduction of globaling warming. A method is described for reducing of global warming by seeding the layer of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere with particles of materials such as aluminum oxide and thorium oxide. Seeding is performed at altitudes of 7 to 13 kilometers above the Earth's surface. Particle size is in the range of 10 to 100 microns. One technique proposed to seed the metallic particles is to add the tiny particles to the fuel of jet airliners, so that the particles would be emitted from the jet engine exhaust while the airliner is at cruising altitude. Once the tiny particles have been dispersed into the atmosphere, the particles may remain in suspension for up to one year. The second patent number 4,686,605 shows a method and apparatus for altering a region in the Earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere. The inventor is Bernard J. Eastland, a particularly clever person who has worked out the theory to be able to spin down a tornado with electromagnetic waves. This invention relates to a method and apparatus for altering at least one selected region normally existing above the earth's surface and more particularly relates to a method and apparatus for altering said at least one region by initially transmitting electromagnetic radiation from the earth's surface essentially parallel to and along naturally-occurring, divergent magnetic field lines which extend from the earth's surface through the region or regions to be altered.

Benedict XVI

2005 CE - Italy - Pope John Paul II dies in Rome on April 2, 2005.

Pope Benedict XVI (Latin: Benedictus PP. XVI), born Joseph Alois Ratzinger (b. April 16, 1927 CE) is the 265th and reigning pope, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, and sovereign of Vatican City State. He was elected on April 19, 2005 CE in a papal conclave, celebrated his Papal Inauguration Mass on April 24, 2005 CE, and took possession of his cathedral, the Basilica of St. John Lateran, on May 7, 2005 CE.

One of the best-known theologians since the 1960s and a prolific author, he is viewed as conservative and a close ally of his predecessor, Pope John Paul II. He served as a professor at various German universities, and was a theological expert at the Second Vatican Council before becoming Archbishop of Munich and Freising and Cardinal. At the time of his election as Pope, he was Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and Dean of the College of Cardinals.

During his papacy, Benedict XVI has particularly emphasized what he sees as a need for Europe to return to fundamental Christian values, in response to increasing de-Christianisation and secularisation in many developed countries. For this, he has identified relativism's denial of objective truth as the central problem of the faith and has taught about the crucial importance for the Catholic Church and humanity to contemplate God's love, and thus has reaffirmed the urgent "importance of prayer in the face of the activism and the growing secularism of many Christians engaged in charitable work."

2005 CE - Belgium - In 2002 CE, Belgium legalized euthanasia, Holland passed a similar law in 1995 CE. The slippery slope started with abortion, then euthanasia then infanticide. Four/fifths of doctors in Flanders, Belgium support the killing of infants. A recent year long study in Flanders recorded that 50% of new borns were murdered by doctors. They committed these murders by withholding treatment or by lethal injection of pain killers. Doctors in Holland are campaigning to change the law to allow the murder of babies. Eugenics as deployed by Hitler is alive and well, to eliminate those undesirable people from our society. The Nuremberg Trials declared eugenics by sterilization as a crime against humanity and extermination of the Jews as a holocaust.

2008 CE - Italy - Adolfo Nicolás is elected Jesuit Superior General, succeeding Peter Hans Kolvenbach.

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