This form should be filled out in full, printed, and returned, with the appropriate fee, to the Secretary of State's Office, 81 River Street, Drawer 09, Montpelier, VT 05609. Because a signature and fee is required we are not able to accept this on-line.  

(Note -the words, incorporation, corporation, limited, or company, cannot be used in a tradename)

(Alternate name)
Name of the town where business is located:

Date business began: (File with the Sec of State within 10 days of commencement).

Kind of business being transacted:

List names and residences of all individuals, co-partners, members and/or corporate name below.
       Name                                  street & po Box                       city                                           state



You must notify this office if you change the business name, the address or ownership.

Name of Process agent (non-residents only):
City: Vermont   

One of the individuals listed or  an officer of the corporation, must sign in front of a notary public.

Applicant's signature: _______________________________________Title_____________

Subscribed and sworn to before me this__________day of___________________________

Notary Public signature ______________________________commission expires date_________

FEE: $20.00  Important:Tradename registration is not a guarantee that you are entitled to the name. A person or entity may have, or claim to have, a pre-existing right to exclusive use of the name.

Note:  In the event that there is a problem with your application give us an email address or a phone number so we can serve you faster:_______________________________________.